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Arrow Board

We offer 15 lamps and 25 lamps Vehicle mounted Arrow Board. The panel dimension is 1520*760mm, with matt powder coated finish and Powder coating finish and Anti UV surface. The LED size is 5mm, and 50pcs LED in one lamp. 25 lamps Vehicle mounted Arrow Board contains 12 display modes, and 15 lamps contains 8 display modes. With membrane switch controller, also we have newest controller for 15 lamps. We use high quality electric actuator to operate up and down, with reliable control system and auto diming function, the PCB Brightness is not less than 425 CD. The power can be interchanged for 12V or 24V. We also provide various LED Beacons to fit the Vehicle mounted Arrow Board, and we can OEM different fixture for vehicles according to your requirement.
Arrow Board-25 Lamps
Arrow Board-15 Lamps
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