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Wheel Stops

Our rubber speed humps, also called speed bumps, made of durable rubber, are hot sold for overseas market. The cat eyes are able to be attached on the speed humps to increase the visibility. Various sizes and types are available for you. The body and end cap are packed separately for easy shipment. The bolts that fit to the speed humps can be included too. The reguar color is black and yellow. The wheel stops from our facility are heavy duty and with high visible reflectors or reflective tapes. There are various sizes and types for your opitions. The regular size is 1830mm, 1650mm, 900mm and 750mm. The durable steel frames are used to pack the wheel stops and easy for stacking and shipping. The wheel chock that we are making are in black and high visible yellow color. The package options can be in bags, cartons or steel cases.
Yellow Wheel Chock
PU/PVC Wheel Stopper
Speed Hump
1830mm Wheel Stopper
Cable Protector Dia 20mm
Cable Protector Dia 40mm
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