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Steel Bollard

The steel traffic bollards are used to create a protective barrier, provides visual marks, and improves safety. They are used in front of construction sites, streets, parking lots and buildings. The traffic barrier posts guide the safety of pedestrians and building components while guiding traffic flow. In SW, you can choose from a variety of strong materials to save a lot of costs.

Steel traffic bollards features

1. The product is durable, beautiful, and is made of carbon steel or stainless steel.

2. Carbon steel posts can be unprocessed, galvanized, priming paint, or pink coatings with a variety of colors.

3. Stainless steel bollards are made of type 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel, which is suitable for a worse environment

4. The column cover has high-energy visibility color such as red and yellow to reduce the maintenance of old concrete and steel pillars.

Types of steel traffic bollards

1. Surface Mountain Bollards, it is convenient for installation. It is fixed on the surface with bolts and does not need to be excavated.

2. In-ground Bollards, it is the most permanent bollards solution that needs to be set in the concrete. You can configure the lid removed and fill them with additional concrete to obtain higher strength and durability.

3. Removable Bollards is used in areas where vehicle traffic requirements are constantly changing. Some removable parking lot bollards have a base that can move manually as needed.

4. Bollard covers, column cover is used to help reduce maintenance costs and time. It can hide the old, worn posts made of concrete or steel. They are easy to install, reducing the needs of scraping, sand spray and paint.

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Steel bollards application

Safety steel posts bollards are usually used to increase the protection of roads to prevent vehicles from entering unauthorized areas. The steel pipe safety bollard protects pedestrians and architectural elements by providing visible barriers to sensitive areas.

According to their purpose, the bollards you choose will be different. In some cases, protection is the most important, and they may be made of steel or concrete. In other cases, they are made of highly flexible recycling plastic materials. If they are hit by motor vehicles, they will bend rather than break.

Regardless of whether you are protecting property or personnel, SW-one of the leading traffic bollard suppliers, has a suitable custom steel traffic bollards to meet your needs. The use of bollards includes: retail stores, warehouses, colleges and universities, railways and small trails, stadiums and arena, government facilities, cities and municipal departments, rolling curtains, farmers' markets, etc.

If you are looking for high quality steel bollards for sale, please contact us for detailed information!

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