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Arrow Board

Arrow Board

Arrow Board

Arrow Board


Arrow board with trailer is highly reliable, visible from distances of a mile or more, and employ a unique high-efficiency power system. The folding-frame design pivots the display panel up to the vertical position when deployed, and down to horizontal for transport.



Item No.: L-AB-15

Material: Aluminum

Arrow panel size: 1520x760mm

Finish: Black powder coating

Voltage: 12/24V

Lamp: 15pcs

Display mode: 8

Acutator: Automatic electric actuator

Controller: With easy to use controller

Weight: 36.5kg


Arrow board with trailer is secured in place with a single support that ensures ease of use and prevents damage. Both 15-light and 25-light models are available. Arrow boards can be connected accessed remotely using controller. For simple deployment, a heavy-duty winch with safety brake allows one person to raise the arrow board, and a single locking device holds the board in place. Constructed of rigid, tubular steel, all joints are welded. Bolt-on fenders can be replaced if damaged.


Arrow Board


Arrow Board

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