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  • Expandable Barrier
Expandable Barrier

Expandable Barrier

Expandable Barrier


The barricade system is easy to install. All the necessary tools are included. Can be used a fence to send a clear message that an area is off-limits, and ensure all dangerous or off limits areas are separated by our highly visible safety barrier.



Item No.: B-EB-14

Material: Steel 

Expanding size: 4000(L)x460(W)x950(H)mm

Fold size: 470(L)x460(W)x950(H)mm

Pipe size: 25x25mm

Finish: Powder coated

Color: Yellow/black


Various styles are available, the material can be divided into all-iron models,all-aluminum models and iron-aluminum models.It have conveniently pulley make the towing more effort saving. Safety buckle, when the fence is put away, the safety is higher and can prevent accident.High-quality hardware connection, hightelescopic running-in performance, not easy to fall off. Aviod costly slip-and-fall accidents by redirecting pedestrian traffic and confining slippery work areas. Can used for different place,such as school, hospital,shopping mall,market and so on.


Expandable Barrier

Expandable Barrier


Expandable Barrier


Expandable Barrier

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