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  • Portable Fence Temporary
Portable Fence Temporary

Portable Fence Temporary

Portable Fence Temporary


Temporary construction fencing is an alternative choose when a fence is required on a short-term basis such as for storage, public safety, crowd control, or theft deterrence. Our fence panels are designed and constructed to be the strongest and most durable in the industry. They can be installed quickly and easily, They can be free standing or anchored into any type of surface.



Item No.: F12AE-19-E14

Material: Steel Pipe

Dimension: 1800(L)x1200(H)mm

Pipe Size: Φ32mm/Φ25mm

Base: Plastic base filled with concrete

Finish: Pre-galvanized


They are effective and suitable for a variety of locations , such as outdoor events which have restricted areas Temporary building and construction sites new housing developments. Crowd control barricades are most commonly made of steel. Barriers are most effective when they interlock, being attached to each other in a line via hooks at the side of each barricade. When barricades are interlocked, security personnel can create impenetrable lines, because such lines of barriers cannot easily be toppled over.


Portable Fence Temporary


Portable Fence Temporary

Portable Fence Temporary

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