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  • 3 Channel Cable Protector
3 Channel Cable Protector

3 Channel Cable Protector

3 Channel Cable Protector


3 Channel rubber cable protector ramp ensures that the cables and wires are completely covered to avoid such accidents, also adding to the ambiance and tranquility of the room. The material rubber and PVC are used in the manufacture and it has superior quality for durability and efficiency. 



Item No.: D-CP-3

Material: Rubber

Dimension: 900(L)x500(W)x70(H)mm

Capacity: 3 cables

Color: Black and yellow


3 Channel rubber cable protector ramp, with it’s sleek and user-friendly design , you can use it on the floor of your house or even outdoors. The bright yellow lid on the cable protector, highly visible both at day and night to preventing unnecessary accidents in advance. The ramp is durable and sturdy as it applies bottom absorption stability. The base owns strong stability and adheres the ground firmly, eliminating concerns about bulging hose lines, pinching electrical wires and crushing cabling in high traffic work areas.


3 Channel Cable Protector


3 Channel Cable Protector

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