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  • 5 Channel Cable Protector
5 Channel Cable Protector

5 Channel Cable Protector

5 Channel Cable Protector


The textured surface can handle the stresses of high-traffic public areas. The cable protector comes in non-interfering style for wheels & carts to roll over with ease. Keep your equipment safe and allow everyone to pass-by. 



Item No.: D-CP-5

Material: Rubber

Dimension: 960(L)x550(W)x50(H)mm

Channel: 5 channels

Color: Black&Yellow


Special grid structure design at the base makes our ramps more stable and not easy to move during use. The base has strong stability and can absorb the groung very well. The deceleration area of the trunking is made of engineering rubber. The PVC cover plate has a mstrong heavey weight and the top is stable with the PVC cover plate connectiong the two side of the buckle. What’s more, we have 1/2/3/4/5 channel for your choice.


5 Channel Cable Protector


5 Channel Cable Protector

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