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  • Economy Traffic Cone
Economy Traffic Cone

Economy Traffic Cone

Economy Traffic Cone


It has good weather resistance. it won't deform in high tempreture 65°C and craze in low tempreture -30°C. Highly reflective, good warning effects at both day and night, anti-UV, aging resistance and durable. This traffic cone has a wide body profile for stability. Cone is injection molded with black base.Play a warning and separation role for road driving; Even better with the role of the lattice.



Material: PVC

Color: orange

Height: 300mm(12")

Base size: 220x220mm

Weight: 0.6kg

Reflective:high intense grade or customize


PVC Traffic cone allows you to easily attach caution tape, chains, or a cone bar. The impact-resistant, reflective material has high reflectivity at night and over a wide range of angles. Long lasting brilliant fluorescent color, provides high visibility protection. Options such as custom stenciling and reflective collars are available. 


PVC Traffic Cone



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