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  • Orange Construction Cones
Orange Construction Cones

Orange Construction Cones

Orange Construction Cones


These durable 900mm (36in) orange construction traffic cones draw attention to hazards and direct traffic. These traffic cones are constructed using a one-piece fade-resistant vinyl material with a high-density, PVC base, allowing all-weather durability and reliability.



Material: PVC

Color: orange

Height: 900mm(36")

Base size: 360x360mm


Reflective: 15+10cm high intense grade or customize


The future of orange construction traffic cones is here and it is brightly fluorescent, stable and environmentally friendly. All vinyl construction assures durability and flexibility in all weather conditions. Designed to withstand an impact with the tires of most vehicles, the tough, durable material construct is recyclable even after impact. 


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Orange Safety Traffic Cones



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