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  • Traffic Warning PVC Safety Cones
Traffic Warning PVC Safety Cones

Traffic Warning PVC Safety Cones

Traffic Warning PVC Safety Cones


The traffic warning safety cones are made of environmentally friendly PVC material. The safety cones are flexible, weighted and durable, also can be continuously overlapped and will not take up too much space. It is the perfect choice for full-time use in traffic zones, general use in city areas, or around airports and events.



Item No.: D-70B-RC1

Material: PVC

Height: 700mm

Base Size: 370x370mm

Color: Orange

Reflective Type: High intense grade reflective


Our 700mm(28") traffic warning safety cones with high intense collars is one of our most popular pvc safety cones. It's injection-molded for superior durability and it is safety compliant for use on high speed interstates. The black base helps this traffic cone stick to the road through high speed car winds and storms. They are your perfect choice for an all-weather performance pvc safety cone with a long life. Designed for full-time use and can withstand heavy hits and vehicle drive overs.

The PVC structure ensures durability and flexibility under all weather conditions. These PVC traffic cones have long-lasting and bright fluorescent colors, providing high-energy visibility protection. UV stable colors provide the maximum resistance. The high-density base creates a low center of gravity to achieve maximum stability.

PVC safety cone features

- The specially designed non-slip base is convenient for stacking. The cone will not stick together; they will firmly grasp the road and will not be easily blown down.

- The shrinking of the handle manually, traffic warning PVC safety cone is easier to pick up, allowing users to easily connect the warning belt, chain and cone to the accessories around the groove.

- High-quality PVC injection molding, durable and flexible, high resistance impact, multiple sizes and colors to choose from.

- Protect the reflector, high night reflectances from various angles, avoid weather and other impact damage.

Whether you are looking for high quality small traffic cones for sale or tall traffic cones for sale, SW has the perfect option for you. We can even provide custom traffic warning PVC safety cone according to your special requirements. Welcome to contact us for detailed information!


Traffic Warning Safety Cones

Traffic Warning Safety Cones


PVC Safety Cone

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