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  • Road Safety Cones
Road Safety Cones

Road Safety Cones

Road Safety Cones


Our road safety conesare made of environmentally friendly PVC material with good wear resistance and high impact resistance. They are durable and not easily broken off. Not afraid of rain and sun exposure, can be used both indoors and outdoors.



Item No.: D-90B-RC1

Material: PVC

Height: 900mm

Base Size: 360x360mm

Color: Orange

Reflective Type: High intense grade reflective


Bright fluorescent orange color is highly visible and striking. 36" perfect height makes the cones easier to see. Large square base features strong grip of the road, while providing high stability to stand up right anywhere you place them. The road safety cones are widely used in personal or public areas, such as garden, school, road maintenance, parking lot or construction sites. They have obvious warning effect on drivers and pedestrians.


Road Safety Cones

Road Safety Cones



Tags: traffic cone , safety cone with reflective

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