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We make things possible.

We are willing to be the Chinese leading MHE sourcing and R&D Company, we are add value for customers by responsibly managing the supply chain and committed to achieving the high standards and meet customer needs by offering aggressive price, quality and reliable delivery.

You want to reduce the purchase cost?
We make it possible, we buy together, and we buy the cheapest.

You want to save time but find good supplier from China?
We make it possible, all CNMHE factories are supervised and all products are tested in the market.

You want to cooperate with a supplier who has bright future and grow together?
CNHME is an Alliance which converge professional factories and importers around the world.
Comparing with B2B platform and trading company, CNMHE offers more.
B2B offer information via internet, but B2B platform know nothing about MHE Industry, CNMHE is professional team in MHE. We know everything happening.
Trading company trade only. CNMHE is managing supply chain, resourcing and innovating.

One stop shop!
Increasing product range support one stop purchase.

For a factory, you want to increase your sales?
CNMHE is your best choice, we provide the manufacturers long-term reliable orders, enhance your marketing capacity, improve your technology, service and management.
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