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Traffic Cone

Using custom traffic cones as a hazardous mark that can guide pedestrians or vehicle traffic. Custom safety cones have a variety of sizes and colors, which can be printed with explanatory text or warnings to increase safety.

Add your brand or logo to the reflective collar of the custom printed traffic cones. Choose cone color from orange, yellow, Kelly green, sky blue, and navy blue, and with a 6 "and a 4" reflector. 

Custom traffic cones features

1. These personalized traffic cones are strong, durable and flexible when hot or cold, and can withstand the challenges of extreme weather or road conditions. The specially designed non-slip base is convenient for stacking. 

2. The PVC traffic cone from SW will not stick together; grab the road firmly, and will not be easily blown down.

2. Turn into the handle and hold it more convenient. Allow users to easily connect the warning belt, chain and cone to accessories around the groove.

3. The concave cone-shaped area, protects the reflective band from weather and other damage, has a longer service life.

4. High resistance impact, high night reflectances from various angles, improve visibility.

5. High-quality PVC injection molding, durable and flexible, can be completely corrected into the original shape after being crushed.

If you are considering to buy custom traffic cones from trusted supplier, welcome to contact us!

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