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Wheel Stopper

SW's rubber car wheel stopper is designed to be a stoppool that will always be needed for your parking lot, and parking wheel stopper will continue to provide services for your business in the next few years.

Our wheel rubber stopper adopts a card buckle polygon, which is equipped with a safe yellow end cover to improve visibility and safety. The material of the rubber is wear -resistant and durable and the maintenance cost is low. They do not warp, break, break, peel off, or corrode.

Wheel stopper features

  • The wheel block is light and easy to install in one person

  • There are multiple installation holes with optional rubber cover

  • All wheel gears are made of 100%rubber manufacturing

  • Anti -impact and weather resistance -will not be warped, broken, ruptured, peeled or corrosive

If you are considering to buy bulk rubber car wheel stopper from trusted supplier, welcome to contact us for the latest rubber wheel stopper price!

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