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T Top Bollard

T Top Bollard is a traffic control device that is used to restrict access to certain areas, such as pedestrian walkways or vehicle lanes. T top bollards are made of sturdy materials such as steel or concrete, often used in conjunction with other traffic control measures, barriers or signs.

T top bollards features:

1. T Top Bollard is typically tall and narrow, with a rounded top that is shaped like a "T."

2. Traffic T top bollards can be fixed or retractable, depending on the specific needs of the location.

3. Fixed T Top Bollards are typically installed in a permanent location and are not meant to be moved. Retractable bollards can be raised and lowered as needed.

4. T Top Bollards may be equipped with reflective tape or other visual aids to help them stand out in low-light conditions.

5. Custom models also have additional features, such as locks or alarms, to provide additional security.

T top bollards uses:

1. T Top Bollards are commonly used to mark the boundaries of pedestrian walkways or bike lanes.

2. Road safety bollards can also be used to restrict access to certain areas, such as parking lots or loading docks.

3. Traffic safety bollards may be used to block off roads or streets during construction or other events.

4. They are also often used to protect buildings or other structures from vehicle damage.

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