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Flexible Post and Delineator

Delineators-Traffic Delineator Posts & Bases for Sale

Delineators for Construction and Traffic Control

Flexible delineators are important for safely directing traffic through chaotic construction or potentially dangerous road conditions. They provide visible boundaries to areas to help delineate changes in traffic flow, alert drivers to special road conditions, and potential safety issues.

Wholesale flexible traffic delineator bollards are a popular choice for traffic channelization, they provide protection and visibility while being flexible enough to protect the driver and reduce damage to the vehicle.

Delineators Parts and Accessories

Delineators Posts: Delineators and posts are used interchangeably, the delineators are the tallest visible part and are usually made of recycled plastic.

Delineators Base: The rubber base is used to hold some flexible traffic delineators. They fit snugly around the tubular portion of the silhouette and can vary in weight.

Flexible traffic delineator post features

1. Tested and certified. Meet anti-collision requirements.

2. Easy and quick setup, low maintenance and maximum visibility.

3. Great prices on Reflective Delineators, Plastic Delineators, Bases and Accessories.

4. Made from recycled plastic, flexible delineator post with base is flexible, strong and durable.

5. Fast shipping and great customer service help you with all your traffic and parking issues.

Want an unlisted height? We can cut it to your size.


Flexible Delineators colors

Typically orange flexible guide posts are used for building areas, while yellow or white safe hit delineator bollard are more commonly used to outline traffic flow guidance. Less common colors such as blue are more likely to be used in recreational settings, such as delineating boundaries at sporting events, because they are not obvious.

Types of Traffic Delineators

Flexible delineator post is available with flat delineators, open top delineators, and delineators with handles for easy picking. They may or may not have reflectors, and many delineators are stackable to save space during storage. You can find flexible traffic posts that are all one-piece plastic and round delineators with posts that fit into rubber bases. As a flexible delineator post supplier, SW can provide custom service according to your special requirements, if you are considering to buy traffic delineator posts with factory supply price, welcome to contact us for more information!


Can you explain 'Delineator Post Bands'?

These strips are reflective, making the strips easier to see, especially when light hits them, as the light bounces back.

Are these open top Delineators?

Yes, the top of some flexible post and delineators is open.

Can these stand up on their own?

We recommend buying bases with them.

How much should my base weigh?

For 20-30 mph winds, you can use a base of at least 18.5 lbs, and for 30-40 mph winds, it is recommended to add an 8 lb base to the 18.5 lbs.

What is the purpose of delineator?

Flexible traffic delineators are effective guides at night and during bad weather. An important advantage of using delineators in certain locations is that they are still visible when the road is wet or covered with snow.

What is a delineator post?

Traffic delineators are posts usually made of plastic or other flexible material. They are installed on roads to guide traffic around dangerous or unusual road conditions

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