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Barricade Light

SW Traffic has a complete line of barricade lights to improve visibility and make your work area safer for workers and drivers. Our barricade warning light can be affixed to the top of posts, traffic cones, bollards or any type of barricade to help ensure the safety of all vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and construction workers. Please feel free to choose from our energy efficient solar barricade lights, flashing barricade lights and traditional battery powered barricade lights, and contact us for any special requirements!

Shuangwei provides high-quality, affordable traffic control products to meet your project requirements for roadblock lighting and warnings. To improve visibility and make work areas safer for construction workers, equipment drivers and surrounding traffic. Our traffic barricade flashing light is the perfect solution to help improve your traffic control needs.

Our barricade flashing lights are designed for use in a variety of traffic control equipment. You can install these lights on top of posts, traffic cones, bollards or some barricades to help keep vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and construction workers safe.

You'll love our traffic barricade light because they're high-quality materials, durable, and provide the visibility your work area needs to maximize worker efficiency and safety. Some of the features our customers love about our barricade lights include:

Both our solar and battery powered barricade lights can be customized to meet your specific specifications, and if you need a unique lens color or a specific voltage level, we can help you get what you need.

When you're ready to find the best safety supplies you need, call our trusted experts. Our team will work with you to find the best solution to your problem, and we promise to deliver traffic safety products to you quickly.


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