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Barricade and Barrier

Plastic crowd control barricades provide temporary and portable crowd control obstacles for construction areas, traffic control and sidewalk protection. Our portable road barricades are light and durable, convenient for transportation, and rigid polypropylene design can be protected and guided. All traffic safety barricades connections and interoperability to form a continuous barrier. 

Select from a large number of SW traffic barricades. Plastic and metal pedestrian barriers to protect the construction site workers, redirect traffic and provide crowd control. As one of the professional traffic barriers suppliers, we can provide you factory-supply competitive prices for all products from frameworks to water-filled obstacles to improve traffic safety and crowd control. Chooose our high quality barricade products to make your traffic control and protection easier and more economical. 

If you are looking for high performance plastic barricades for sale with custom Logo and wording print service, please feel free to contact us for detailed information!

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