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Flexible Post

The flexible delineator post is installed at road markings where the risk of traffic accidents is high and the driver's attention is required. The flexible bollard post spatially divides the traffic flow in two directions, attracting the driver's eye and ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles .

Flexible post features

  • The ultimate in traffic control technology.

  • The sturdy plastic post bounces back upright after impact.

  • Round reflective tape. 360° visibility for high-traffic work areas or walkways.

  • There are reflective strips on both sides of the plane. Improves visibility of two-way traffic in car parks or receiving terminals.

As a professional China flexible post supplier, SW provides various flexible delineator posts for sale with custom service. Our high-quality flexible guide posts bounce from any direction. Reliable, unmatched and virtually indestructible, making it perfect for parking control or dividing traffic on busy roads. In addition to this, our flexible parking posts are UV resistant and can easily withstand all weather conditions. Please feel free to contact us for the latest flexible post price!


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